The Workout

Strengthen (your core), Lengthen (your limits), tone (your body)

The science

Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibers

Slow-twitch muscle fibers enable long-endurance feats. Our workout focuses on activating these slow-twitch fibers through slow-paced, fat burning movements that lead to long, lean muscle development.

Controlled Movements

Slower = harder! Slow and controlled movements have many benefits. They maximize the effort required for both directions of a movement (the push and the pull, the in and the out) by removing momentum from the equation. Slow movements also get you to muscle failure (a good thing) faster, leading to more defined muscle development and increased stamina. The slower you move, the better the reSuLTs!


Counter‐resistance with the Megaformer™ springs and weight of the carriage help to improve overall muscular strength.

We love newbies!

If you are new to SLT, please arrive 10 minutes before class begins to sign our waiver, get a tour of the studio, meet your instructor and get a demo of the machine.

As we like to say...BETTER SORE THAN SORRY! Be prepared to work your body in ways you didn't know were possible and have a lot of fun doing it!

For both safety and sanitary reasons, grip socks are required in all SLT studios. Don't have any? You can purchase them in studio! Taking SLT Tread? Bring your running shoes.

Make sure to bring water. You're going to work hard for 50 minutes straight! Refill stations are available in select studios and water is available for purchase.

The Classes that will challenge you...and change you



SLT Essentials is the perfect class for anyone new (or new-ish) that is looking for a slower pace with more detailed descriptions. Get a machine overview and a clear understanding of the basics. Instructors pay extra attention to body positioning, movement and transitions, all while guiding you through a challenging workout!

All Levels

All Levels

Our signature class for all fitness levels that ties together cardio, strength training and the most challenging elements of Pilates. Expect informative instruction with fast-paced transitions and a variety of moves.



Looking for an extra challenge? This is it! This class will push you to work your body to the max. Prepare to work very, very hard! Must have experience on the Megaformer™.