Ariella Freid


Brooklyn, NYC

Ariella Freid

Ariella is a former dancer, NASM certified personal trainer and all around SLT addict. She is always on the hunt for new fitness information, from learning more about the body to learning about different genres of fitness. She feels that SLT is the perfect place to grow as a person and as a professional since each class she takes or teaches provides a new challenge, which definitely keeps things exciting! Her classes are packed dance club vibes, fun fitness facts and an intense burn. She keeps a close eye on form, but always keeps things light and fun!

SLT is...

THE answer.

Favorite MegaMove

I love a good Kneeling French Twist - it works you through every layer of your core, so it really chisels your abs and the burn is just so good!

Favorite song to workout to...

That changes daily, but right now I'm loving the R3LAU remix of "Desperado" by Rihanna and "Headlines" by Drake.

Ready to be sore AF?