When do Instructor Auditions take place?
All auditions will be done virtually.

Do I have to audition?
Yes, all potential trainees must audition for an invitation to our training program.

Do I need to be certified?
No, you do not need to hold any certifications in order to audition for the SLT Training Program.

What should I prepare?
Instructions on what to prepare will be included with your audition invitation, but don’t worry about preparing a routine on the Megaformer. We’re looking to get a sense of your teaching style, energy, knowledge of anatomy, musicality, physical presence, and personality while teaching whatever you choose to teach. In essence, we’re just looking for you to share your most authentic self.

When do I find out about being accepted to the program?
You will hear a final decision from us within 1 week of your audition.




When do instructor trainings occur?
Our instructor trainings occur every once per season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) for the Greater NYC area, and 2-3x per year for all other regions.

What is the cost of training?
There is currently no cost to complete our training program.

How long does the training take?
The initial intensive training takes place over 8-10 days, followed by 1-on-1 training with an instructor from our training team, eventually culminating in a series of community classes and a final; test-out class. The entire process takes approximately 6-10 weeks.

What happens after I complete the two-week intensive training?
Once you complete the initial two-week intensive, you will then be paired up with one of SLT’s Master Instructors as your mentor. For the next 4-6 weeks, you will be practicing, assisting, taking, and teaching mock classes under the instruction/supervision of your mentor, until you pass your final audition and are approved to be on schedule.

What time during the week does the two week intensive training take place?
Our initial immersive training week takes place Monday-Friday roughly from 9-12pm or 1-4pm, and must be attended with full participation.

What times during the week do the practice training hours take place?
The practice training hours, with your assigned Master/Mentor Instructor, will take place at a time coordinated between you. These practice training hours can take place essentially any time our studios aren’t in use for a class (within reason).

How many practice training hours per week am I required to attend?
We require that all trainees are in-studio practicing with their mentor for a minimum of 6 hours per week . You will have the flexibility to schedule these hours with your paired mentor to fit your schedule, however, we do require a minimum of 6 hours per week throughout the duration of your training. On the same note, if you’re able to commit more time to your training on a weekly basis, you will have the potential to progress through your training more quickly, moving onto community classes sooner, as well.

Will I have a certification once I’ve completed my training?
You can request a certification of completion from SLT once you have completed the training program in its entirety.

If I have a full time 9-5 job, can I still attend training?
As long as you can attend the initial immersive training period and commit to a minimum of 6 hours of training per week afterwards, trainees with full time jobs are most certainly welcome in SLT’s training program (pending invitation after an audition).


lagree certified instructors


If I already have a Lagree Certification, do I need to attend the full two week intensive training?
Yes. We require that every trainee attends the full two-week training so that they can learn the SLT style and method of teaching.

If I already have a Lagree Certification, do I still need to attend practice training hours with a mentor?
Yes. You will still need to commit to practicing a minimum of 6 hours per week with your Master/Mentor instructor. That being said, there is certainly the possibility that your previous background in teaching a Lagree method will accelerate your training and get you to community classes & onto the schedule in a condensed time frame.

If I already have a Lagree Certification, will my full training take 10-12 weeks?
Not necessarily; We do our best to fast track any instructors that already have a Lagree Certification and experience teaching on the megaformer. Our goal is to have experienced instructors on the schedule and teaching as soon as possible, and there is no minimum amount of time required to be spent in training to begin teaching on the SLT schedule. Our training is about achieving a high level of technical prowess & coaching ability, not a specific amount of time.