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Monique Mack

Monique is an every day athlete and fitness enthusiast who loves to challenge herself. She grew up playing soccer in Virginia and later club swimming. She moved to the Caribbean and found herself running in half-marathons and flowing on a yoga mat. Monique continued her athletic pursuits after moving to NYC by taking surf trips, hiking and Pilates. When she is not working out, Monique loves to read, listen to true crime podcasts, and cuddle with her cat, Dora.

SLT IS. . .

sweat inducing, limit pushing, immediately toning type of experience


Mega Hamstring Curl - instant activation and burn :)


what season? summer - being horizontal under the sun, spring - outside at farmer's markets, fall - hiking, leaf-peaking! winter - wrapped in a blanket inside with a great book

Ready to be sore AF?