Jodie Lewis

Brooklyn, NYC

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Jodie Lewis

Jodie, a California native and dedicated athlete, seamlessly continued their active lifestyle upon returning to New York in 2022. Discovering SLT within the first month, they found it to be a transformative experience. Embracing their father’s wisdom that “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” Jodie channels their passion into their professional life. As a 500hr CYT and INHC, they continuously expand their education in all areas of health and wellness. Enamored by SLT’s physical and mental challenges, Jodie strives to empower clients to recognize their potential and meet themselves where they are at, embracing the non-mechanical nature of progress.


challenging, invigorating, rewarding


Honestly, anything 80s

FAVE MEGA MOVE upper body and center core challenge wrapped up into one

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