Do you think you have what it takes to set the record for the longest plank across SLT studios? Planksgiving is right around the corner, so get ready to show the SLTeam what you’ve got!


Hold the longest plank at your studio and win 1 FREE SLT class.

On Monday, 11/20 – Tuesday, 11/21, book a Mega to join a plank contest at your home studio.


Monday, 11/20

SLT Back Bay: 10:50AM, 8:20PM
SLT E 67: 2:20PM, 8:20PM
SLT E 87: 1:20PM, 8:20PM
SLT East Hampton: 10:20AM
SLT Flatiron: 2:20PM, 8:20PM
SLT Tribeca: 1:20PM, 8:20PM
SLT W 14: 1:20PM, 8:20PM
SLT NoHo: 1:20PM, 7:20PM
SLT NoMad: 1:00PM, 7:30PM
SLT Hoboken: 1:00PM, 8:20PM
SLT Greenwich: 11:20AM
SLT Rye Brook: 11:20AM, 7:50PM
SLT Short Hills: 7:20AM, 1:20PM

Tuesday, 11/21

SLT Cobble Hill: 1:20PM, 8:20PM
SLT Park Slope: 1:20PM, 8:20PM