Maddy Kinsella

Brooklyn, NYC

Maddy is an artist and lover of people! She hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan but has been an NYC resident since 2011. She is an actor, singer, dancer, musician, producer and writer, and she has always found joy in group fitness. She loves SLT for the class and inclusivity, as well as the community!

SLT is ...

FOR.EVERY.HUMAN! literally. Any human being can do this workout!

Favorite MegaMove

Reverse Crunch. Shakespeare said it best, "though she be but little, she is FIERCE"!

My fave day off activity is:

Running errands and walking to each of them/no public transport... I know. It sounds weird/boring, but pair productivity with being outdoors and SIGN. ME. UP!

Ready to be sore AF?