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Kiana Alzate


Kiana is a Southern California native and spent thirteen of her younger years surfing and playing competitive beach and indoor volleyball. Her love of fitness, community and wellness brought her to a Lagree studio in LA seven years ago. She got her certification and was able to teach all over Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Kiana’s classes are fun + intense, sprinkled with west-coast vibes and little bit of humor – she’s a firm believer that laughter makes abs happen too.

SLT is...

Hashtag relationship goals with your mind, body and soul.

Favorite Megamove

Scrambled Eggs – it’s a leg move, it’s an oblique move, it’s a core move, it’s a full-body move! It sounds delicious (who doesn't love breakfast?) and it makes your waist-line strong and fabulous.

Guilty pleasure...

Movie theatre buttered popcorn, sour-patch kids and a good (crime) documentary.

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