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Christina Pazcoguin



Christina Pazcoguin

Having danced with SAB and PNB this former trina is no stranger to Megaformer classes and cross training. With a strong love of fitness and teaching in the city for a few years she found SLT. Christina fell in love with the discipline and control of SLT, and of course the reSuLTs. Christina is beyond thrilled to help people perfect this badass workout with HIGH ENGERY and attention to form always. She also believes in the collective energy of the class when we work together to a baller playlist…. magic can happen in the room. Connecting MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

SLT is…

Intense, badass, and rewarding.

Favorite MegaMove

Spider Kick because you feel like a superhero performing it and...hello bootay!

Three words that describe my teaching style…

Energetic, fun, and driven.

Ready to be sore AF?