Are you hardcore?
Prove it.

Get shook in 2023 with a resolution to stay soreAF (not sorry) all year long.

SLT’s Hardcore Crew is back with more reSuLTs and better rewards
(think free SLT classes, merch + product from our fave wellness brands!).

Set your weekly class target and commit to staying Mega motivated all year long.

Join the crew to start earning giant prizes and Mega reSuLTs.
Sign up. Name your number. Start shaking.

Join SLT's Hardcore Crew
Find Your Hardcore Level



(~2 class/month)

20% off SLT apparel purchase

Choose one:
20% off an Ora service
$25 off a Swair purchase
20% off a Terez sweat-fit


(~1 class/week)

SLT Hardcore Crew keychain

Unlock 5% off a
20-class pack*


(~6 class/month)

15% off membership (1 mo)

Choose one:
$50 to Botanica Skn
Supergoop! Glowscreen
$50 to goldno.8
Love Wellness Moisturizer


(~2 class/week)

SLT x Bag All
laundry bag

Unlock 10% off a
20-class pack*


(~10 class/month)

1 free SLT guest pass

Choose one:
$75 off a JECT treatment
Wildling beauty set


(~3 class/week)

SLT Hardcore Crew water bottle

Unlock 15% off a
20-class pack*


(~4 class/week)

3 free SLT Classes

Choose one:
2 x 25-min Quick*e stretch*s at Stretch*d plus 2 Enhancements per stretch
Solawave skincare collection


Who are the partners?

Meet some of SLT’s fave luxe wellness, beauty and fitness brands:

Supergoop, Terez, Wildling, Love Wellness, Ora, JECT, Swair Hair, Botánica Skn, goldno.8, Stretch*d , Solawave and more!

Hand-picked brands that the SLTeam knows you’ll love.

How do I sign up?

Complete the sign up form to let us know you are up for the challenge. Need help deciding what you’re your goal should be? We’ve got you. Take our Hardcore Quiz and set yourself up for success. Sign-ups are valid until 12/31/23.

Who is SLT’s 2023 Hardcore Crew for?

Anyone looking to strengthen, lengthen and tone in 2023. Whether you are new to the Megaformer or have been Plank-to-Piking since 2011, there is a level for you.

What classes count towards my 2023 Hardcore Crew class count?

To count, you must be checked in for class at an SLT studio during the 2023 year. SLT On Demand classes do not count towards your annual class count.

When will I receive the 20-pack discount?

SLT 20-pack discounts will be distributed in January 2024 after the conclusion of the year.

I signed up late. Will my classes count?

Yes. All classes in 2023 will count towards your Hardcore Crew class count regardless of when you sign up.

How will I receive my Hardcore Crew rewards?

Keep an eye on your inbox as SLT will email directions on how to claim your Hardcore Crew rewards!

Not receiving emails? Log into your SLT account and head to the settings to make sure you are subscribed.